House Rules & Regulations

Section 1 – General Provisions

1.1. These House Rules and Regulations are promulgated by the Board of Directors pursuant to the authority granted to it under the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of the Corporation and the Master Deed with Declaration of Restrictions.

1.2. These House Rules and Regulations are intended to govern and regulate the use, occupancy and enjoyment of the individual units, common areas and limited common areas and to ensure an effective and orderly management and administration for the common benefit of all unit owners.

1.3. All unit owners are bound to comply with these House Rules and Regulation by:

1.3.1. members of their families and household helpers;

1.3.2. their lessees and members of their lessees’ families and their lessees’ household helpers;

1.3.3. their guests and the guests of their lessees;

1.3.4. and any person or party allowed to the premises by them or by their lessees.

In general, unit owners shall assume full responsibility for any damage and indebtedness caused by himself, his dependents, his household helpers, his driver(s) and guest(s), and of his/her tenant(s)

Section 2 – Use of Individual Units

Section 2.1 Limitations on the Use of Units and Common Areas

2.1.1 No units shall be sub-divided into smaller units nor shall each unit be partitioned, either judicially or extra-judicially, among the co-owners thereof except by the sale of the entire unit and the distribution of the proceeds.

2.1.2 The unit owner and/or tenant of a unit shall not permit any unlawful and/or immoral practice to be committed in the premises.

2.1.3. The unit owner and/or tenant shall not permit the unit to be used as a boarding or lodging house; neither for instruction in music; nor for any purpose that will injure the reputation of the Corporation and/or disturb the peace and convenience of other occupants of the building.

2.1.4. Nothing shall be done or placed in any unit or in the other common areas which are beyond or will impair the structural strength of the building, or alter the appearance of an exterior portion of the building.

2.1.5. Common areas shall not be used as storage space (temporary or permanent) for appliances or equipment (used / old / surplus / functional / non-functional or even new) for any reason. Such items are subject to automatic confiscation for such violations. Items so taken into custody will be disposed of by the Corporation, and any proceeds (if any for any sale of such items) shall revert to the association for its own purposes. If (for one reason or another) the respective items cannot be removed from the common area(s), the owner /tenant of such will be charged a monthly rental (for as long as the item(s) remain in the common areas as penalty for such violations, until such time as the said appliances/equipment are removed from the common area(s).

2.1.6. Nothing shall be allowed to hang from windows, balcony, and doors of each apartment. No shades, blinds, awnings or window guards shall be installed on the exterior portion of the apartment unit except such as which have been approved in writing by the Condominium Corporation.

2.1.7 Extensive care should be exercised by each owner and/or tenant to ensure that there will be no tampering with the water meter, electrical meter, fire alarm systems (smoke detectors, alarm bells, fire hose cabinets), telephone cable box, TV cable and other facilities installed in the common use or area and in their respective units of the condominium building.

2.1.8. No awning, radio or television antenna or device for any purpose may be installed on the exterior portion of the building or balconies No unit owner and/or tenant of any apartment shall bring into the building anything of a highly inflammable machinery or equipment which may cause obnoxious odors, tremors or noise, or expose the premises to fire; or any other dangerous object or articles which the Condominium Corporation may reasonably prohibit. It is understood that should the unit owner and/or tenant does so, he shall be responsible for all the damages which such violation may cause the building or other apartments and/or its other tenants. If the unit owner and /or tenant shall so use the building or deposit therein any such matter as to result to an increase in the rate of the insurance of the building, the increase thereof shall be for the account of such unit owner and/or tenant.

2.1.9. Machine/Equipment, Electrical, MDF Rooms, etc. are restricted areas and access thereto will be allowed only with the written permission of the Property Manager and under the supervision of an authorized representative of the Administration Office

Section 2.2 – Upkeep, Repair, and Maintenance of the Units

2.2.1. Every unit owner shall keep and maintain his unit in a good state and sanitary condition and in a manner that will not prejudice other unit owners or tenants. No activity shall be carried on in any unit or in the common areas which may annoy and/or disturb the other unit owners and residents.

2.2.2. The upkeep, repair, and maintenance of each condominium unit shall be at the expense of the individual owner and/or tenant. These will include electrical installations, plumbing repairs, as well as cleaning and pest control services within the unit.

2.2.3. The upkeep, repair, and maintenance of each unit shall include the foyer which is part of the unit itself.

2.2.4. The owner and/or tenant shall not throw or allow to fall nor permit to be thrown or to fall any material or substance whatsoever out of or from any window, door, passage, stairs, hallways or in any part of the areas for common use.

2.2.5. Water faucets in the premises shall never be left open for an unreasonable or unnecessary length of time, especially at times when no water flows from the faucets, to preclude the possibility of flooding which may adversely affect other apartment units.

2.2.6. Unit owners and/or tenants/guest of any unit shall maintain the place in a peaceful and reasonably quiet manner, shall refrain from producing any noise; doing any boisterous or loud acts such as wild parties, jam sessions, combos; or turning on radios, stereos, VCR equipment, etc. in full blast, which may disturb and annoy the peace and quietness of the building and its occupants,.

2.2.7. Damage to other units (adjacent, or above or below) that is traced to unit owners/tenant’s lack of (or insufficient) maintenance and upkeep shall be billed and assessed directly to the unit owner. In the same manner, any damage to adjoining units (adjacent, above or below) caused by the units owner’s (tenants, guests, house helps, etc.) actions (whether accidental or intended), shall be charged in full to the unit owners.

2.2.8. Every unit owner and/or tenant shall give and provide free and unimpeded access to his/her unit to give way for repairs, rectification or renovations involving his/her unit.

2.2.9. Should the unit owner and/or tenant refuse or fail to give and provide free and unimpeded access, or cannot be located, the Corporation shall then have the right to break-in in the unit, provided three (3) prior written notices shall have been served or deemed served to the owner of the apartment unit about the Corporation’s intention to access his/her unit, and provided further that a prior written notice shall have been served to the barangay captain at least 5 days prior to the intended break-in.

Section 3 – Use of Common Areas and Facilities

Section 3.1 – Obstruction to the Common Areas (Hallways, Emergency Exits, and Stairwells)

There shall be no obstruction to the common areas intended for ingress, egress, or access to any portion of the building.

3.1.1. Parking or obstruction within the service driveways is prohibited.

3.1.2. The unit owner and/or tenant of the apartment unit shall not do, or permit to be done, anything whereby any obstruction, restriction or hindrance may be caused to the entrances, exits, hallways, passages, stairways, fire exits, fire escapes, vestibules, lobbies, elevators, sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces or any part or area of common use and ownership. No part of these areas shall be used as storage facilities.

3.1.3. Any damage resulting from the improper use of common area shall be the sole responsibility of the unit owner/tenant. The original condition of the area must be restored within three (3) days. In the event that no repair is done within 3 days, the Administration Office will hire the services of a qualified contractor and charge the tenant concerned the cost of repair.

3.1.4. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the lobbies, hallways, fire exits stairwells, parking areas, elevators, and all enclosed areas in the building.

3.1.5 Tapping to the common area utilities without the prior written approval the Administration Office is strictly prohibited. The unit owner/tenant shall be fined accordingly.

Section 3.2 – Comfort Rooms in Common Areas

3.2.1 Proper use and sanitation must be observed at all times. Employees, agents, and guests must keep the comfort rooms clean and sanitary

3.2.2 The comfort rooms must be used only for the purpose for which they are intended. Clothes and dishwashing, as well as bathing, are not allowed. Contractors’ personnel are not allowed to use the comfort rooms for bathing and dressing.

Section 4 – Security and Safety

Section 4.1 Security

4.1.1. Unit owners/tenants are reminded to keep their doors locked at all times

4.1.2. It is recommended that all windows are kept closed when nobody is inside the unit.

4.1.3. Only persons with written authorization from the unit owner and/or tenant can bring their car in or out of the building premises. Cars with tinted glass and windshields shall open their side windows when coming in or out of the parking area to allow the guard to recognize the driver and his passengers. (Refer to Parking Regulation).

4.1.4. All fire escapes shall be kept open and free from obstruction at all times.

4.1.5. The unit owner/tenant is responsible for the security inside his unit. He should also be responsible for the behavior and conduct of his employees, agents, contractors, and guests.

4.1.6. While in the condominium building or ground, domestic helpers, drivers, private security personnel, contract workers or guards are prohibited from gambling, drinking liquor, loitering and conducting themselves in rowdy or unruly manner or indulge in immoral behavior.

4.1.7. Unit owners/tenants must ensure that there is no tampering of the water sprinkler devices, alarm bells, smoke detectors, fire hose cabinets, and such other devices, whether installed in their units or in the common areas of the condominium building.

4.1.8. Bodyguards or security guards of the unit owner or resident must be registered with the Administration Office and their presence/deployment, in any part of the common areas shall be subject to Administration Offices approval.

Section 4.2 – Fire Safety

4.2.1. All radio, television, cooking equipment, or other electrical equipment of any kind or nature installed or used in each unit shall fully comply with all the rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the fire insurance and the public authorities having jurisdiction thereon and the unit owner alone shall be liable for any damage or injury, caused by any radio, television, cooking equipment or other electrical equipment in such unit.

4.2.2. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) tanks (empty, partially filled or fully filled) of any size are specifically prohibited to be brought up to individual residential units and stored for any reason.

4.2.3. Electrical and telephone panels shall always be accessible and no obstruction of any kind shall be allowed inside the panel room.

4.2.4. Nothing shall be done or kept in any unit or in the common areas which will increase the rate of insurance of the building without the prior written consent of the Corporation.

4.2.5. At no instance shall a unit owner permit anything to be done or be kept in his unit or in the common areas which shall result in the cancellation of insurance of the building or in any part thereof or which will be in violation of the law.

4.2.6. All fire escapes shall be open and kept free of obstruction at all times, including corridors, hallways, passageways, stairs and other exists.

4.2.7. Periodic inspection may be conducted by the Property Manager or any authorized personnel of the corporation at any reasonable hour of the day to ensure compliance of above rules and regulations.

Section 4.3 – Eating, Drinking, and Cooking

4.3.1 Eating, drinking and cooking in any place of the building are prohibited, except inside the units, roof deck, BBQ grill, function room and coffee shop. No cooking shall be permitted within any place not specially constructed and equipped thereof. Corridor doors shall be kept closed at all times except when in actual use for ingress or egress.

Section 4.4 – Children

4.4.1. Unit owner and/or tenant shall at all times be responsible for the behavior and conduct of his children as well as other children staying with him. A unit owner with children staying with him should not undertake activities offensive to the other unit owners and/or tenants or that may cause damage to the common areas.

4.4.2. Children are allowed to play only inside the unit occupied by their parents. In no case shall children be allowed to play on the driveways, hallways, ledges and other common or limited common areas except those designated play areas.

4.4.3. The unit owner and /or tenant occupant shall be liable for the damages caused by his children, by other children staying with him or children of his visitors or guests.

4.4.4. Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in using the common areas.

4.4.5. Children will not be allowed to use the common area or limited common areas for games or any activity that may endanger or damage the properties of other unit owners.

Section 4.5 – Household Helpers and Drivers

4.5.1. Unit owners and/or tenants shall be responsible for the behavior and conduct of their maids, helpers, and drivers and their strict compliance with the House Rules and Regulations.

4.5.2. For the security purposes, all unit owners and/or tenants shall register with the Administration Office, all their maids, nannies, helpers, and drivers. Likewise, their separation from the service shall be reported to the same office.

4.5.3. The unit owner and/or tenant shall secure proper identification cards for their household helpers from the Administration Office and the same shall be surrendered thereof upon their separation from the service. The Administration Office has the discretion to deny or favorably act upon said application

4.5.4. These identification cards should be worn whenever they are authorized to be in the common areas.

4.5.5. Maids, nannies, helpers, and drivers are not allowed to loiter or lounge on any part of the common areas. Neither are they authorized to use any facilities of the Condominium to include the swimming pool, pool’s shower area, gym, telephone, intercom system, and other that will be specified by the Office.

4.5.6. Drivers, maids, nannies, and other household helpers will not be allowed to bring out anything from the building without the required Gate Pass from their employer. The gate pass should be confirmed by phone from their employers before the security guards will allow their exit from the building. In case the employer is out of the building, the security guard will hold their release.

4.5.7. All maids, nannies, helpers, and drivers should submit their bags, luggage, and other hand-carried items to the security guards for inspection before they will be allowed to bring these out of the Condominium.

4.5.8. Visitors of any maids, nannies, helpers, and drivers should not be allowed entry in their respective units, most especially when their employers are out of the building unless the employers allow their entry upon advice to the Receptionist.

4.5.9. All household helpers are not allowed to wear indecent attire (like shorts for female and bare half-body for male) whenever they are in the common areas. It is recommended that they be in uniform.

4.5.10. All forms of gambling and liquor drinking spree are strictly prohibited in the common areas.

4.5.11. Stay-out household helpers should register with the Security Guards for their coming in and going out of the Condominium premises.

4.5.12. Stay-in household helpers are not allowed to sleep in any part of the common areas and common facilities.

4.5.13. All drivers on duty, while waiting for the calls of their employers, may stay in the authorized waiting area beside the car of their employers.

4.5.14. All drivers, in general, must follow specific rules and regulations such as: Follow traffic rules and cooperate with the Corporation; Keep car doors and windows locked at all times; Refrain from blowing horns and/or creating unnecessary noise within the premise; Keep the volume of car radio/stereo at the minimum level; Never leave articles and/or equipment exposed to public view in the parking areas.

Section 5 – Emergency Cases

5.1 The Property Manager and/or his authorized representative are allowed to enter an apartment during an emergency even in cases where such entry may cause damage to the apartment.

5.2 The Property Manager and/or his representative may also enter, with the consent of the owner and/or occupant any room or apartment unit in the building at a reasonable hour of the day for the purpose of inspecting such apartment or unit for safety and security reasons or to check the presence of vermin, insects or other pets and for the purpose of taking such measure as may be necessary to control or exterminate such pests.

Section 6 – Parking/Basement Rules

Section 6.1 Vehicles

6.1.1. The unit owner and/or tenant shall not cause or permit the prolonged blowing of any horn from any vehicle.

6.1.2. Strictly no cycling allowed in the driveways, basement, lobbies, or any areas of common use.

6.1.3. Motorbikes or any noisy contraption shall not be operated in any part of the building premises.

6.1.4. Bicycles and scooters shall be stored and parked in the areas specifically set aside for the purpose.

6.1.5. Avoid prolonged idling of engine.

Section 6.2 – Parking Regulations

6.2.1 Absolutely no parking is allowed in the driveways. Vehicles should be parked only at their respective slot assignment, not anywhere nor in any area which may impede the smooth flow of traffic in and out of the building.

6.2.2. Parking slots/ rights are specified and limited to unit owners or to its authorized tenants/guests only. Parking rights are not transferable, except by the sale of the entire unit and its corresponding parking slot or right; or to other unit owners

6.2.3. The use of mechanical parking lift is limited to cars and light vans only

6.2.4. Guests are not allowed to park inside the parking areas.

6.2.5. Only one car per slot is allowed, double parking is strictly disallowed. Bicycles, two-wheeled vehicles, and trailers are allowed to be parked in the owner’s/ tenant’s parking slots provided that no prejudice is caused to third parties.

6.2.6. The car owner shall see to it that their parking slots are clean at all times, free from mud, debris and oil drippings. They should furnish at their own expense a pan to collect car oil drippings

6.2.7. All unit owners/ tenants must register their motor vehicles with the Administration Office for the issuance of parking stickers which they must display on the said motor vehicle for such purpose.

6.2.8. No valuables shall be left inside the vehicles, the Corporation and/or the Property Manager shall not be held liable for any loss or damaged done to vehicles parked in the parking areas.

6.2.9. The Corporation may charge such reasonable fees for the issuance of said parking stickers.

6.2.10. Emergency exits should always be kept free from cars, vehicles or any other obstructions.

6.2.11. The Corporation may take appropriate action to remove an illegally parked vehicle at the expense of the owner.

6.2.12. Unit owners and/or tenants shall observe traffic rules in the parking areas. Any violations of the parking rules and regulations shall subject the owner concerned to the sanctions that may be passed by the Board of Directors.

6.2.13. Headlights must always be switched on while driving in the parking areas.

6.2.14. An observed speed limit of not more than 10 Kph.

6.2.15. Descending vehicles within the basement ramps should give way to ascending vehicles.

6.2.16. The only cleaning allowed in the parking areas is the wiping and rubbing of cars/vehicles that can normally be accomplished with rags and a small pail of water except cleaners authorized by the Administration offices. Water for cleaning cars shall not be spilled or thrown on any part of the parking floor or driveway. The use of water hose to wash cars/vehicles is prohibited. “ Clean-your-car “ boys are not allowed into basement parking areas of the condominium building.

6.2.17. Parking spaces will not be used for storage of any kind.

6.2.18. Repair work on cars/vehicles within the building premises is not allowed, except only in emergencies

6.2.19. Littering is prohibited in the basement/parking areas.

6.2.20. Smoking in the parking areas is strictly prohibited

Section 7 – Storage

7.1 Nothing shall be stored in any part of the common areas without the prior written consent of the Condominium Corporation

7.2 The Corporation, on a first-come, first serve basis may at its option lease storage rooms to unit owners and/or tenants or may relocate space or spaces devoted to storage or service purposes on the basement of the building at a fixed rate.

Section 8 – Gate Pass

8.1.1. All furniture and fixtures, fixtures and other personal effects shall not be allowed to be taken out from the building without the presence of the necessary Gate Pass.

8.1.2. All gate passes should be signed only by the owner and/or tenant or any of their authorized representatives. For this purpose, owners are requested to submit to the office the name/s of their authorized representative/s to sign the gate pass in their behalf, as well as the specimen signatures thereof.

8.1.3. The Security Guard and /or the Receptionist should confirm the authenticity of the said Gate Pass by double checking the same from the issuing party. Unless this is confirmed, the exit of the items shall not be allowed.

8.1.4. The Security Guard shall check the list against the actual effects and only those items indicated in the Gate Pass shall be allowed to be taken out of the building.

8.1.5. The Security Guard shall record all released items in the logbook.

8.1.6. Accomplished Gate Pass shall be surrendered to the Administration Office for filing purposes.

Section 9 – Garbage Disposal

9.1. Perishable and wet garbage should be separated from other types of garbage. These must be carefully wrapped-up in prescribed plastic bags and sealed or tightly closed when disposed into the garbage chute.

9.2 Soft drink tin cans and plastic bottles can be put together in the same plastic bag but should be separated from perishable and wet refuse.

9.3. Garbage should be thrown directly into the chute and not be left at the front or vicinity of the garbage chute. Dumping of loose garbage in the garbage room is strictly prohibited.

9.4. Bottles made of glass, breakable materials, as well as pointed objects should not be thrown in the garbage chute to avoid danger against our maintenance people and to avoid damage to the garbage chute.

9.5. Big boxes, cartons, Styropor and other materials bigger than the chute should not be thrown inside the chute to avoid clogging.

9.6. Construction debris should not be thrown in the chute. Contractors are required to dispose of their own trash outside the building premises.

9.17. A specific location for items 4 and 5 will be provided for, and scheduled dates for putting away these types of trash will be properly advised as soon as established.

Section 10 – Pets

10.1. No pets allowed in the building premises.

Section 11 – Laundry

11.1. The owner and/or tenant of an apartment shall not hang, erect or maintain any laundry or clothesline, permanent or temporary, in any part of the building exposed to public view other than the spaces or area designated for laundry purposes. No laundering or washing of any clothes whatsoever shall be done except inside the area specifically designated for such purpose.

11.2. Laundry drying cages are provided for in a specified area in the building for rent. Usage will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

11.3. Users of the laundry cages are responsible for the clothes hanged therein.

Section 12 – Complaints

12.1. Complaints regarding facilities, equipment or any service in the common areas must be made in a standard form available at the Administration Office.

12.2. Complaints or problems regarding telephone and electrical services shall be communicated directly with the PLDT or any other telecommunication company concerned and the Meralco, respectively. However, if PLDT or Meralco does not act immediately on the problem of the unit owner, the unit owner may request for the assistance of the Property Manager.

12.3. Complaints regarding services of the condominium building or defects or deficiencies in the original construction of the same must be made in writing and submitted to the Condominium Corporation.

Section 13 – Rules, Regulations, Laws, and Ordinances

13.1. All unit owners and/or tenants and those under them shall comply with any and all reasonable rules and safety regulations which may be promulgated from time to time by the Property Manager and/or Condominium Corporation and shall obey rules, regulations, ordinances and laws made by the Health Institution or order duly constituted local or national authorities regarding the use, occupancy and sanitation of the apartments. Any consent or approval given under these rules and regulations may be added to, amended or repealed at any time by resolution of the Board of Directors of the Condominium Corporation.

Section 14 – Enforcement of the House Rules and Regulations/Fines & Penalties

14.1. First-time offenders will be issued a written and/or verbal warning to bring the offense to the violator’s attention

14.2. Repeat violations shall entail a fine accordingly to wit;

2nd Offense – 1,000.00

3rd Offense – 5,000.00

4th Offense – 10,000.00

Non-payment of penalties & fines will result in the cutting off of utilities (Water supply only) after three (3) days notice from the Administration Office will issue a reconnection fee of PHP 1,000.00 fine over the above any outstanding fines. However, the Condominium Corporation reserves the right to impose fines of up to a maximum of 15,000.00

14.3. With regard to illegal parking which causes and prevents duly authorized parking by others, Security personnel shall be authorized to assist any complaining parking slot owner or lessee in having encroaching or obstructing vehicle towed to a non-obstructing place. If the repeat offender is a visitor or tenant, he/she will be prohibited from entering any parking premises thereafter until the case has been resolved/decided by the Board of Directors.

14.4. A fine of PHP 50,000.00 will be levied for the unauthorized alteration, relocation and/or removal of the sprinkler, smoke detectors, fire alarms, plumbing and electrical circuits. The restoration of the original condition/position will be to the unit owner’s expense.

14.5. The foregoing penalties shall be without prejudice to other rights and remedies of the Condominium Corporation under its Master Deed with Deed of Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

14.6. The Condominium Corporation’s Board of Directors shall have the right to amend, revise or modify these rules, the foregoing penalties and/or impose additional penalties for a particular violation depending on its gravity, extent of damage, and other similar circumstances.

14.7. For Move In and Move out non-compliance with the requirements will result in the prohibition of the move in/out of personal effects.

14.8. The Condominium Corporation shall have the right to file an injunctive action to enforce the House Rules and Regulations and the party violating the House Rules and Regulations shall pay all the costs of an injunction and a reasonable attorney’s fees which shall in no case be less than P75,000.00.

Section 15 – Policies & Procedures for the use of Facilities

Le Gran Condominium provides its owners and tenants facilities such as Function Room, Meeting Room, Gym, Swimming pool, Laundry Cages located on the Roof Deck. Lessees are required to submit an endorsement letter from their lessors who will waive his rights to use the facilities until the lease contract expires.

While these utilities are for unit owners and tenants use, there are certain rules and guidelines to be followed to maintain cleanliness and proper condition of each facility and equipment therein.

For the use of any reserved area especially for a function or party, the owner or tenant who sponsored the party is responsible for the conduct of their guests during their stay at the Le Gran premises also for the clean-up of the area used.

The use of LGCC facilities must have a written approval from the ADMINISTRATION OFFICE.

Should any portion be damaged due to the fault or negligence of the owner/tenant, they must shoulder the cost and expenses of any repairs.

Disclaimer: All persons utilizing the building’s facilities do so at their own risk. The Condominium Corporation its officers, employees, and authorized representative shall not be held liable (directly/indirectly) for any damages or injury that might result from such use.


  • Smoking inside the Function Room, Gym, Swimming pool & Spa.

  • Drinking of liquor inside the gym.

  • Eating, gambling, smoking, and drinking of liquor in all parking areas including the car wash.

  • Any boisterous and/or indecent act, rough or horseplay, loud sounds and noise in all utility areas including parking.

  • Spitting, spouting water and blowing of nose inside the pool.

  • Persons having skin or communicable disease to use the swimming pool/spa.

  • Tobacco, beverage, liquor or food taken within 8 feet of the swimming pool area.


  • Soft music during the party is permissible provided the volume is controlled and does not bother other residents. Electrical musical instruments of any type or use of amplifiers and loudspeakers are not permitted.

  • Guests are not allowed inside the gym or other facility areas not specified for the affair or function they are invited in.

  • Maximum swimming duration for a group should not go beyond six (6) hours and forty (40) guests.


  • The Function Room is located at the Roof Deck and equipped with tables and chairs, air conditioners and a sound system.

  • It is available for exclusive use of unit owners and lessees for conferences, meeting and/or parties by prior arrangement with Administration Office.

  • Reservation can be arranged at least three (3) days before the event on first-come, first-served basis. Reservation fee 50% of total rental is non-refundable but can be applied for the rent. The rental fee should be fully paid two weeks before the reserved date.

  • Use is allowed from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight

  • Use of the swimming pools as part of the party can be arranged and will be charged on per group basis.


  • The swimming pool is located at the front end of the roof deck.

  • The pools are for the use of the residents and their invited guest. Prior arrangement and payment of the corresponding fee for invited guest should be made at Administration office.

  • Use of swimming pool and other facilities within the swimming pool area will be in such a manner as to respect the rights of the apartment owners and tenants.

  • Swimming hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • All individuals who wish to use the swimming pool must take a shower in the facilities provided for all the roof deck before taking a dip at the swimming pool.

  • Attire will be standard swimsuits. T-shirts, shorts with button or zipper and suit made of cotton fabrics are strictly disallowed.

  • It is requested that all unit owners/tenants cooperate in maintaining maximum cleanliness and tidiness in the swimming pool area.

  • Before using the elevator, pool users must dry themselves first.


  • The gym is equipped with a treadmill, Stationary bicycle, versa climber, dumbbell and bench for the use of Le Gran residents (unit owners/authorized tenants).

  • It can be used from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The key to the gym is available at the lobby.

  • Users are requested to log in to the record book provided for inside the gym.

  • Any person wet and dripping from the pools or shower rooms is strictly not allowed inside the gym.


  • The laundry drying area is located at the back portion of the roof deck. Sixteen (16) laundry cages are available for monthly rent.

  • It will be locked at all times. Rentals form are available from the Admin. Asst. at the Lobby where payment can also be remitted.

  • Access will be allowed only from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. for hanging clothes and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. for collecting clothes

  • Residents shall not hang, erect or maintain any laundry or clothesline, permanent or temporary on any part of the building exposed to public view other than the space designated for laundry purposes.

  • No laundering and washing of any clothes whatsoever shall be done except inside and within the area specifically designated for such purpose.

  • The door to the roof deck (of which the laundry area is a part) will be closed at all times, and access will be allowed only to those on authorized LGCC business.

  • Users of laundry cage are fully in-charge on matters pertaining to the security of their belongings.

  • The Condominium Corporation, its employees, and officers will not be held liable for any loss and damage to items located in the laundry cage.

  • The Administration Office reserves the right to stop or deny the use of any residents using the laundry cage for whatever purpose It may serve.